Your Goodwill Donations

Where do the goods go?

There are many reasons why donations are brought to Goodwill locations around Fort Worth. Whether it’s from decluttering your home, updating to newer furniture or items that simply had no use anymore, your donations leave a huge impact in the community upon entering the doors of Goodwill.

Goodwill’s Mission

Your donated goods are sold throughout Goodwill Fort Worth’s 25 retail stores and Outlet. Rare items and collectibles are sold online through and books can be found in Goodwill’s online bookstore through Amazon. Revenue from all sales take part in funding 23 programs that Goodwill provides to help individuals with disabilities and barriers to employment gain jobs and if needed, training.

When training is involved, Goodwill’s North Texas Institute for Career Development provides in person courses such as CDL and Forklift Training and online certifications such as Medical Billing Specialist, Medical Front Office Assistant, Comp TIA Network and Comp TIA: A+. Goodwill’s Digital Career Accelerator also provides FREE digital skills training for anyone needing help on their computer skills. There are also six regional Job Resource Centers available to the general public for FREE employment services.

In 2018, Goodwill served more than 10,000 people in the community through these various programs!

Your goods go beyond the support of Goodwill’s mission.

Landfill Reduction

Choosing not to discard your items with other waste leaves a big impact in North Texas. Through many partnerships such as Service Waste, Goodwill helps to further the process of reduce, reuse, and recycle for all types of goods received. Items that can’t be sold in stores or online are recycled, not discarded.

In 2019, Goodwill diverted 22,734 tons (45,469,825lbs) of items from entering the landfill out of the 26,483.6 tons (52,967,218lbs) of donations received. 16,654.9 tons (33,129,865lbs) were sold and 6,170 tons (12,339,960lbs) were recycled leaving a total diversion rate of 89%! That is 89% of donations given a new life that could otherwise be sitting and populating the landfills.

April 22nd marks 50 years of Earth Day, with the main goal of taking action in climate change. Goodwill will continue to strive in environmental responsibility through proper recycling of waste along with the use of sustainable materials, and energy use. So, take the first step. Donate your pile of boxes and bags with goods you no longer use to your nearest donation center and begin your own personal journey towards redesign, reduce, reuse and recycle.

Please note: Due to COVID-19, in compliance with Tarrant County guidelines and to ensure the safety of our customers and staff, all retail stores will be closed until further notice. Donations will be accepted following heightened sanitation and social distancing protocol. DCA, NTI, JRC are currently only taking in clients virtually at this time. Follow links to services for more information.