Workforce Skilling

By Renaldo Williams

Due to advances in technology and access to wi-fi for the typical job seeker the exercise of determining a career path is filled with possibilities and options.  In the article Education Technology Market : Market by Demand Application, Technology, Key Findings And Regional Outlook by 2024, which was first reported on America News Hour, it was stated that “institutions and organizations in the education sector are heading towards enhancing their offerings and are partnering with technology providers to cater to the increasing needs of the users.” Considering recent research, the traditional approach to workforce skilling, which fundamentally included a suggestion that everyone pursue post-secondary 2- or 4-year degrees, seems off-kilter and dated.  Credentialing and badging programs and apprenticeships are growing as a smart option when considering the time commitment and cost of education balanced against the entry-level salary that one can expect.

As options to obtain career training in high demand industries expand, and the speed of commerce continues to increase, employers are laser-focused on targeting efficient, time-sensitive and dependable avenues to identify a suitable and capable workforce. This supports the decision for many to pursue short term credential programs in high demand fields. Current research suggests that over 90% of American Colleges and Universities offer alternative credentialing or badging programs for certifications in industry-specific careers. Additionally, a recent survey of post-secondary academic professionals reported that 60% of respondents believe that credentialing is an important part of an institution’s professional development strategy.

The cultivation of today’s workforce is at the intersection of technology, labor markets, and a viable economy. These market dynamics support those deciding on career lanes to consider short-term less traditional pathways to gain skills in high demand occupations. Job market index supports this as a win for both the business sector and the individual looking to start a career.