Time for Spring Cleaning!

Spring has sprung! Time to shed that dull Winter clutter and brighten up your home! A lot of people jokes that Spring is the actual start of your New Years Resolutions with January and February being the trial months! Another one of the reasons Spring is a very popular season, is because of the optimism that it brings with starting over. Whether it be a fresh coat of paint on the walls, a reinvention of your wardrobe, replacing old home décor with bright and colorful lamp shades and fresh flowers or adding a new fragrance to your home. Lucky for you, Goodwill has everything you need. With our Spring Fling sale on the horizon, here are the three of the many resources Goodwill can help you with your Spring cleaning:

1. Refocus Your Mind:
The first and most important thing to declutter is the one thing we tend to ignore; our minds. Whether it be the negativity of other people, the doubt of not pursuing your passion or low self-esteem. Our online bookstore has several self-help books to clean out all of the negativity swirling your mind from authors like Sheryl Sandberg, Echart Tolle, and TonyRobbins.
2. Find that Hidden Treasure
A lot of people think Goodwill is only known for our stylish clothing throughout all seasons. In actuality Goodwill has hidden treasures such as furniture and interior accessories for around the house. The best part is that you have the opportunity to refurbish and make it into your own style like these people below!

Poor Grandma! Her ashes almost ended up for sale at a Goodwill store!

ProjectGoodwill_7 copy
3. Discover a Whole New Self
Our Boutique and general store has all the latest fashions and finds from High-end designers and brands like Ralph Lauren, J Crew, Chanel and much more! It also helps with saving TONS of money! That’s right, on March 30, 2016 Goodwill will have an all day sale! Take 50% off of all merchandise in the stores!