Time for a Life Hack!

Sometimes life can be hard. If we’re lucky, we get to fill our days with family and friends in a home we’ve thoughtfully decorated (with unique thrifted finds, of course!). If we work hard, we can take pride in a job well-done. But between all of the commuting, cleaning, cleaning, etc., a breath of relief is very welcome. That’s where saving time and energy with a few life hacks can really help! Here is one of our favorite tricks for making life work for you…


(Image via buzzfeed.com)

Thrifting a simple coat rack (or two) and hanging it down low for shoe storage just makes so much sense! Make sure it’s right by the door where shoes tend to be dumped so family members no longer have an excuse for the mess! When tired or overwhelmed, it’s easier for us to turn on auto-pilot and forget to use our imaginations for creative problem-solving, but thinking outside of the box with Goodwill® finds can really streamline our routines to later save us time and energy!

We hope this tip will make your life a little easier. Have you figured out any really great life hacks while browsing the aisles of your local Goodwill store? We’d love to hear about your problem-solving projects!