Teaching You How To Fish


There is a special feeling you get when you give back and serve. Not just donate, but dive deep into someone’s life to figure out a way to help. There are always opportunities to do so, it’s just doing it! We believe that you can give a hand by providing a capable one.

That’s where the “hand up, not a handout” idea came from. Our Goodwill Works program embodies the concept of being a servant for the greater good of the community.

Designed to give individuals with barriers to employment experiencing homelessness and unemployment services like resume and cover letter writing, job search, interview skills and attire, and connections to employers. It also provides funding for emergency services that prevent employment, like transportation. Our program takes time with each person to completely assess the situation and provide a custom solution (whether it be training, education, employment and/or resources) to allow them to grow.

If you may know anyone who might benefit from this program, please call 817-332-7866 and ask for a representative from Goodwill Works.

Volunteer opportunities are available as well.