Tailor Your Resume to the Job Description (Without Lying)

We all know you can tailor your clothes, but did you know you can also tailor your resume? When searching for a job, you can help get your foot in the door faster with a resume that speaks to exactly what the hiring manger is looking for.

Don’t stress though, this doesn’t mean you have to start completely from scratch on your resume every time you apply for a job, you can just make a few quick edits:

  • COPY: Use the same type of language used in the job ad. For example, if the job description calls for a customer-service pro, make sure to work that into your wording.
  • DETAIL: Does the job description call for specific skills? Make sure to include details that prove you can meet those requirements – specific types of training or certificates help showcase those skills.
  • COUNT: Quantify the impact you’ve had in previous positions. Instead of generalizing about tasks you’ve handled, list specific ways those tasks have impacted your previous companies through dollars saved, percentage increases, etc.
  • RESEARCH: Review your prospective employer’s website and social media accounts to get a feel for their culture and the way they describe themselves. Make sure to mimic that language in your resume in the way you talk about yourself.

By following these tips, you can make sure that employers spend longer than the average 6 seconds reviewing your resume, and hopefully help you land the job you seek!

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