School in Style

by Veronica Sanchez

The school year may have begun but the kids just keep growing.

Here’s a look at a few of the plentiful clothing options we found at the Goodwill Kennedale store:

Cute and Casual

You can never go wrong with jeans and a top. This blue shirt with a lace collar from Eyeshadow is priced at $1.79 (originally valued at $7.50). To match, this blingy pair of Cherokee Jeans are priced at $4.29 (originally valued at $17.99). The Mermaid Backpack, perfect for fitting folders and supplies is priced at only $3.99. At a total, this outfit came to $10.07.

Picture Day

In this picture-perfect outfit, the pink dress with a cute white lace bottom by One Step Up is priced at $1.79 (originally $12.99). The Black Derby Boots with a dark brown trim are $2.99 (originally $49.00 at Nordstrom). This outfit came to $4.78 and would be perfect to match with some tights underneath.

Boy Brands

You never know what brands you will find at Goodwill, but it is safe to say there are many. For the boys, we found a black Nike Air t-shirt priced at $3.29 (originally $14.99). Beside it, a gray Vans t-shirt priced at $3.29 (originally $18.00). On the right, the red and black color block Under Armour Polo is priced at just $4.49 (originally $35.00).

To complete the tops are some Levi’s Jeans priced at $4.79 (originally $26.99) and gray Vans for $7.99 (originally priced at $39.99). These three tops, jeans and shoes came to $23.85.

At Goodwill, all outfits above can be bought for a total of $38.70, lower than the original price of the boys Vans shoes alone! Be sure to stop in your local Goodwill Fort Worth store on Friday, September 20th when all donated goods will be half price (50% off), giving you even more savings.

Happy thrifting!