Quick Crafts – National Craft Month

You don’t have to be a professional embroiderer, knitter, or paper folder to get crafty this National Craft Month.

With a little bit of paint, glue, a pair of scissors and some decorative pieces, you can decoupage and upcycle just about anything.

Here are a few quick crafts that are made from items found at our Goodwill White Settlement Store where we upcycle some wall art and decoupage an old wooden box for a more modern look.

Craft #1


On Goodwill’s art wall, there are plenty of frames and art pieces available that can be turned into completely new pieces.

Priced at $3.29, this frame has an easy snap-on-off glass and is in great condition.

The print was replaced with a few craft butterflies to make a butterfly pseudo-taxidermy display.

Down the aisle, a new box of potpourri was priced at $3.99.

These dried plants and flowers create the perfect depth and a nice look to place around the butterflies.

How to Create a Shadowbox Butterfly Frame

Items used:

  • The frame (Goodwill)
  • Potpourri (Goodwill)
  • Butterflies
  • Paint Brushes
  • Mod Podge
  • Spray Glue

In order to make a focal point, a four-pack of pop-up butterflies was placed in the center.

To complete the look, you’ll also need some small paintbrushes and spray glue from your local dollar store.

To get the taxidermy look, the butterflies were lined up in the center and attached with the included stickers.

To keep them more secured and create a shadow effect, a small brush and glue was used to lay the bottom half of the butterflies flat on the page.

The top wings of the butterflies then pop out leaving a shadow effect.

Now, it’s time to decorate!

The Potpourri contained various dried petals, leaves, and berries which were placed around the butterflies.

Then the potpourri pieces were arranged into the desired position.

As before, a small paintbrush and glue helped stick all of the petals and leaves in place.

To further keep the dry pieces in place and to keep them from falling apart,  a layer of spray glue was added to coat the top of the design.

Once dried clear, it is ready to frame! Supplies, frame, and all, this new, one-of-a-kind wall art piece came to just $10!

Craft #2

For this quick craft, Goodwill has all the items needed to decoupage an old wooden box and give it a new modern look.

In the craft aisle, this bag full of craft books with paper and stickers was $5.49. The decorative sheets are perfect to use and decoupage onto anything we find.

Another random bag in the same area had stickers, black acrylic paint (2), wood pieces, and even paintbrushes for $3.99!

The items in this bag were used to repaint the wooden box.

How to Create a Decoupage Wooden Storage Box

Items used:

  • Wooden Box (Goodwill)
  • Black Acrylic Paint (Goodwill)
  • Craft Paper (Goodwill)
  • Paintbrush
  • Mod Podge

This wooden box in the home decor area was $2.99 and in pretty great shape.

Before painting, you will want to clean the box with a cloth to wipe off dust and debris.

With the paint and brushes found from the store, the box was painted black with a few coats of paint to fully cover the old color.

Through the countless patterns, one book contained a nice marble craft paper sheet which was placed on the top of the lid.

With a clean brush and some Mod Podge, the glue was brushed on top to stick the craft paper to the wood.

Once the page was glued on, the edges of the paper were trimmed with some scissors to fit the top correctly.

Then, more Mod Podge was coated around the edges of the craft paper to fit nicely around the top.

All done!

The wooden box looks like new! All of the items from Goodwill used to decoupage and paint along with the box came to $12.47.

Plus, there are plenty of supplies left for future use to repaint even more pieces and glue more craft paper on.

If you would like to see more quick crafts, you can find more ideas on our Pinterest page!

You never know what neat and unique pieces you will find at any of our store locations to help you celebrate this National Craft Month.