Not So Glamorous

It’s so easy in this fast-paced society to only see what is the most desired – houses, cars, and well, jobs. They only show you the finished product and never how it was achieved, or the success of a company but not how it maintains its success.

It is important when trying to make a change for yourself that you keep your goals in mind, but understand the hard work and not so glamorous jobs that could be behind the achievement of your dreams.

Some jobs, like driving a truck or cleaning a hotel room, can feel less than but are necessary for companies to function. Jobs like truck driving and hotel guest room attendant, forklift operator and other skill jobs aren’t searched for as often. That just means that these good jobs, with benefits and educational development and career pathways, are out there for the taking. The opportunity for growth is tremendous in these fields and they may be the field for you.

Goodwill Fort Worth offers an array of training opportunities so that jobs like these are obtainable. We have a program dedicated to getting your GED and a program where you can get a CDL license once you get that GED. We have hospitality and information technology training, all of which can help you move further. The sky is the limit.

The bottom line is, don’t overlook the less desired but use them to be inspired.