Need to finish high school? We can help!

Are you or someone you know age 16-24 and looking to get their GED and a paycheck at the same time? If so, the program might be the solution! Check out this success story about one of our recent graduates for some inspiration!

Winnie Ogunleye was born in Lagos, Nigeria. Her mother moved to the United States when Winnie was just six months old and left her to be raised in Nigeria by her grandmother and an aunt.

She attended public school in Nigeria, where she received excellent grades; however, they lived in constant fear due to the fighting, warring, and gun violence in the country. Her grandmother and mother decided to withdraw her from public school, and homeschooled. 

In the summer of 2018, Winnie’s grandmother passed away, and she moved to the United States to be with her mother. She really wanted to complete her high school education, but she didn’t know where to start. Her mother learned about a GED program offered through Arlington ISD and Winnie immediately enrolled. While attending that program, Winnie learned about the E² program at Goodwill Industries of Fort Worth which allows at-risk youth the opportunity to earn their High School Equivalency while also earning a paycheck. This opportunity was something she couldn’t pass up, so Winnie enrolled and successfully passed all her subjects. 

Winnie graduated from E², and walked across the stage at the Tarrant County Adult Education and Literacy Consortium graduation in June 2019, receiving her Certificate of High School Equivalency.

Winnie didn’t stop there though, after completing the Goodwill E² Education and Work Experience Program she immediately registered for classes at Tarrant County College (TCC). While waiting for her TCC application to be processed, she enrolled in a six-week Phlebotomy Program at Stone Academy. She completed the program and passed her Board Exam in Phlebotomy.

Winnie received special recognition during the graduation ceremony from the National Adult Education Honor Society for her great accomplishments.

Winnie is now attending TCC, working on her associate’s degree. Once she receives her associate’s degree, she plans to attend the University of Houston to obtain her bachelor’s degree. She plans to work for a year and then enroll into a nursing program to become an OB/GYN Nurse Practitioner.

“The E² Program has made a lot of impact in my life,” Winnie said. “It allowed me to gain work experience while preparing for my GED which made it a lot easier. The program helped me fight everything that could possibly hinder me from attending the program.”

Another option through Goodwill for individuals looking to earn their high school diploma is GoodEd. A fully accredited online high school diploma program for ages 16+, GoodEd is completed at your own pace and on your own time—plus, you’ll receive a career certificate upon completion of the course.

Contact our Workforce Development Department to learn more about which program may be right for you or your loved one.