National Pack Rat Day

Sunday, May 17 is designated as National Pack Rat Day – an unofficial holiday that encourages us all to take a look at ourselves and see if we have any “Pack Rat” tendencies. Do you hold on to or collect unnecessary items? Can you open your cabinets without things avalanching on top of you?

We’re all spending more time at home than ever before – so why not do some late spring-cleaning to make space for all of your new quarantine purchases! We’re offering contactless donation opportunities at all of our store and Attended Donation Station locations so all you have to do is drop your items in the bins outside the donation door, or if you need help simply stay in the car and pop the trunk while we do the rest.

And, when you donate your gently used, unwanted clothing and household goods to Goodwill Fort Worth, you’re changing lives. Goodwill relies upon the sales of donated items to create jobs and fund our job training programs for people with disabilities, disadvantages, and other barriers to employment.

In fact, 90 cents of every dollar spent in our stores goes into funding these programs. Simply put, your donations help us create jobs and put people back to work and become independent, self-sufficient citizens. Don’t be a pack rat! Click here to learn more about the impact of your donations!