National Give Something Away Day

It’s no secret that clutter can cause anxiety. Ask any parent, teacher or roommate what it’s like to work in a messy space and they’ll give you the same answer:

“I literally cannot talk to you until this room is clean.”

To avoid this drama and stress we recommend participating in National Give Something Away Day, which takes place on July 15th every year. This observance gives people the opportunity to clear up space, both physically and mentally, by encouraging them to give away or donate things they no longer need. And when you donate with Goodwill, you help change lives through the Power of Work!

In 2019, Goodwill Fort Worth received over 52 MILLION POUNDS of clothing and home goods that were donated to our retail stores and donation centers. The funds generated from the sale of these donated goods go right back toward our programs and mission services.

Donating has also never been easier thanks to our contactless donation procedures! Visit our donation page to find your nearest Donation Station, and enjoy a clutter-free home.