Last Minute Crafts

There’s nothing better than giving or receiving personalized gifts. If you feel like your box of chocolates or flowers are not up to par for Valentine’s Day, no worries, we’ll save you. Crafting has never been so easy!

For National Craft Month, we found two simple crafts you can try that will make your gift even better and all with items from Goodwill!

DIY Scrabble Frame

gameboard image via tiles image via

You’re sure to find a variety of gameboards and frames at Goodwill.

Scrabble letter tiles make the perfect pieces to repurpose. For this craft, all you need are the letters, a frame, a hot glue gun and paper.

  1. Lay out the tiles to form names or a quote.
  2. Grab plain cardstock paper or patterned craft paper of your choice. You can also draw or paint your own background paper to frame.
  3. Hot glue the letters to your desired pattern. If you prefer to place a photo inside the frame, tiles can also be glued around the borders.
  4. Let the glue dry.
  5. Place the page into your frame.

A Way With Words

image via

Your frame is complete. Who knew something so simple can be made and gifted with meaning.

DIY Photo Transfer

Another great crafted gift are these candleholders, used to transfer photos onto. Here’s a quick tutorial on how to transfer printed photos with just water and tape!

  1. Print your photos on a laser printer and cut to size.
  2. Place a piece of heavy-duty packing tape over the image. Be careful not to let any bubbles in. Gently press.
  3. Trim the excess tape and paper.
  4. Use a craft stick to “burnish” (rub vigorously) the entire image.
  5. Soak the image in warm water for several minutes.
  6. Use your thumbs to rub the gummy paper off the tape.
  7. Allow the image to dry, then place it on your glass and press. Use the craft stick again if necessary to thoroughly secure.

Besides candleholders, printed photos can also be transferred onto clear vases and glassware, all found at Goodwill.

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