Julius Lawrence – An E-Squared Success Story

Julius Lawrence joined the Education and Employment (E2) program at Goodwill Industries of Fort Worth in March 2020, shortly after being released from jail. This was a relief for him because the program presented him with an opportunity to pursue more than just a GED and a career – it gave him a second chance.

Coming from a rather large family, it was important for Julius to complete this step in his educational journey and he accomplished his goal when he graduated in September 2020. But, he didn’t stop there.

Shortly after graduation, Julius enrolled in an accounting course thorough Goodwill’s Youth Job Skills program. During his time in the course, Julius proved to be amongst the most dedicated students in the program. Since taking advantage of Goodwill’s programs, Julius says that Goodwill has helped him view education in a different, more positive light.

Julius is determined to keep moving forward. “Goodwill has helped me to keep going in life even when I’m unsure of what lies ahead,” he said. “I have to weigh the options, keep going and not stop.”

Julius continues to partner with his Transition Specialist to seek work opportunities and to elevate himself professionally while completing his accounting course. He is expected to graduate from the Youth Job Skills program in January 2021.