Introducing Alma’s 30-Day Goodwill Challenge

Meet Alma Martinez: Fort Worth native, TCU student and celebrated Goodwill intern. For the past year, Alma served as our Marketing & Retail admin following a successful summer internship. Now that she’s headed back to TCU to continue her studies as a business major and sorority girl, Alma will carry the Goodwill brand with her on campus.

Introducing the 30 Day Goodwill Challenge

Not only is Alma great in business, in community leadership and advocacy, she also happens to be an expert fashion coordinator. Whether she’s putting looks together for our social media channels or helping us recreate celebrity looks from items found at Goodwill, Alma knows fashion. That’s why we’ve invited her to spend 30 days wearing nothing but Goodwill. With Alma’s ability to coordinate a look worthy of a fashion blog, we couldn’t think of anyone better to show our Goodwill fans how to get the trendy looks they want from the items sold in our stores.

As Alma embarks on this challenge, we’ll provide the details of her shopping excursions, the costs of items and the locations where each item was found and how Alma was able to get enough items for a month on a $100 budget. She’ll give you the tips and tricks to making the most out of every dollar. Not only that, Alma invites you, our fans, to follow her in this journey and to take the 30-day challenge for yourself.

At the end of Alma’s fashion endeavor she will have acquired an entire wardrobe for $100 or less. She intends to prove that high fashion can be found at an affordable price and, in so doing, will help change lives for others…just by shopping. Since $.93 of every dollar she spends will go to fund jobs and job-training programs right here in Fort Worth, this is fashion on a mission.

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Alma is a returning Senior to TCU, a Business Major, Community Scholar, Fort Worth native and Sorority Girl.