Goodwill Repurpose Project


When you stop by Goodwill, it’s common to come across all types of furniture. There are vintage, modern, quirky and even new pieces available.

This telephone table found at the Goodwill Bedford Store caught the eye of one of our customers.

Here is how this piece came to be repurposed into a nightstand!


Here are a few of the materials needed to refurbish that could be found at a local hardware store or may already be around the house!

  • Paint Brush
  • Chalk Paint
  • Plastic Putty Knife
  • Cloth Towel
  • Tack Cloth
  • Citristrip
  • Mineral Spirits
  • Sandpaper-Grit 220 & 50

Handles, Knobs

To begin, remove all handles from the hardware and wipe it clean. Mineral Spirits helped remove any build-up or prints.

This piece looked a little worn and scratched in some areas, making it best to remove the unknown amount of layers underneath.

Layers on Layers

To strip off all previous coating, a generous amount of Citristrip is applied to the entire piece.

The Texas heat can surely harden the stripping gel, so grocery bags were placed on top to keep it from drying out.

After 30 minutes, the top layer became extracted from the wood.


A plastic putty knife helped to scrape all of the stripping gel.

Next, the piece is wiped down with a cloth towel and Mineral Spirits to wipe off excess build-up.

All the cleansing can leave the wood wet, so it is best to let your piece dry for 24 hours.

Sand it Down

The next day, a combination of sandpaper-grit 220 helped smooth the majority of the area as well as sandpaper-grit 50, to knock loose areas where dried stripping gel was left over.

Nylon, steel brush and even paperclips can help smooth all of the nooks and crannies.

With one last wipe with a tack cloth and another pass over with a cloth towel and Mineral Spirits, this project piece was now fully prepped for paint!

Chalk Paint

With two coats of chalk paint and a light sanding of 220 grit in between and after the final coat, the nightstand looked brand new.

Once dry, add all handles back.

A new drawer pull replaced the original metal handle on this piece.


There you have it. The new nightstand is complete!

To decorate, a wicker basket made for extra storage on the bottom shelf, and vases on top for the completed look.

Have you repurposed any pieces from Goodwill? We would love to see them! Mention us on any of our social channels for a chance to have your project shared online!