Goodwill Date Night: Mixing it up at its finest!

Date NightA couple decided to add a twist to date night by spending $10 each at a Goodwill store. The twist is that they had to pick each other’s outfits no matter how ridiculous or out-of-date, then go tear the night up in their most dapper attire!

Georgia resident Noel Pauley’s post went viral after a few hours and she encourages everyone to try it. We think the idea is brilliant and a great way to change things up, so Goodwill Fort Worth will be offering a prize to those who participate.

Here are the rules:

Now through July 31, 2017, take the challenge – go to a Goodwill Fort Worth location and pick out an outfit for date night. Take a picture of you and your date and post it on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and tag Goodwill Fort Worth (must be following). We will DM all couples who participate and send you a $20 gift card for your next purchase with Goodwill Fort Worth locations.

The best looks will be posted on our page!

Happy Thrifting!