Goodwill Date Night Challenge

The Goodwill Date Night Challenge consists of couples who head out to their nearest Goodwill and find an outfit for each other (or themselves) to wear, but there’s a catch. Each person has only $10 to spend and must wear it out on their date!

Traditionally, a couple sets a limited time to pick an outfit and often end up with something silly for the other to wear, getting reactions from the public. For this couple, they decided to switch it up a bit.

Brandon and Jacqueline

Up for the challenge were Brandon and Jacqueline who visited the Goodwill Lake Worth Store.

They decided on choosing an outfit for each other. With no time crunch, they put a lot of thought into their finds, thinking of their style and determining what each other would normally like to wear.

Polo and Dress Pants

Jacqueline headed straight to the short sleeve button-ups then to the pants. Within 10 minutes, Jacqueline found a nice white top and black dress pants.

Ralph Lauren

The Ralph Lauren Polo with thin blue and purple stripes for $4.49 (originally $49.99 at Macy’s) left her with $5.51 for the bottoms.

That was not a problem. The black dress pants to match were also by Ralph Lauren and priced at $5.99 (originally $89.50 at Macy’s). The color of the week was red, bringing these pants down to only $3.00.

This outfit was priced at a total of just $7.49 at Goodwill!

Floral or Animal Print?

On the other hand, Brandon found himself deciding between three different outfit options but decided to go for the one he knew she would like most. Coincidentally, the sweater and skirt he officially chose were also black and white. “Jacqueline likes things with lots of patterns and colors but I think I’ll go with this one,” Brandon said.

Vintage Skirt

The black long sleeve with pearl embellishments on the shoulders by BCX was priced at $4.49 (originally $48 at Macy’s). The vintage velvet cow print skirt by River Ridge Trading Company was priced at $4.79 (re-selling on Poshmark for $30).

This look came to $9.28!

Ready for Date Night

At Goodwill, Brandon and Jacqueline’s date night outfit came to a total of just $16.77, so you could say they were very successful in both choosing what each other liked and staying on budget.

Are you up for the challenge? Head to your local Goodwill and tag us @goodwillfortworth and/or use #GoodwillDateNightChallenge and show us your best outfits for your next night out.