Get Your Thrift Fix Online at

With Goodwill stores temporarily closed, I bet we can all say we miss looking for treasures! Not to worry, you can still shop for goods through Goodwill’s online store from the comfort of your home. Here are some insights and tricks on how to make your way around, the EBay of thrift stores, full of items from Goodwill’s across the nation!

Upon entering, you will find a row of options to get started on finding goods of interest. Besides by category, one can look through items that:

  • Have been recently posted
  • Are ending soon
  • Can be bought right now
  • Buyers are bidding on has a variety of categories from Clothing and Toys, to even Wedding and Pet Supplies! You can shop for anyone and anything. Better yet, you will get a chance at items you could never quite get your hands on at your local Goodwill Store.

If you would like to see all items currently available to not miss out on anything, you can scroll to the very bottom of the site and click All Listings under the Shop Category.

Once you click to view the category of interest, the pages of items are shown. As a default sort, the current items listed were being bided on and ending very soon. The top right corner shows results of over 400,000 items available!

To not overwhelm you with thousands of pages of items, there are many ways to further sort through them. The top right filter not only lets you sort items lowest to highest priced but lets you view them by least to most bids, items ending soon or recently listed.

To narrow down the search even further, you can search by terms, Goodwill areas, categories, price range and attribute. I searched for Fort Worth, TX to see what our region had posted.

Fort Worth shows over 400 results and had a range of items from the first page alone. To see what was available for purchase immediately, I further narrowed it down to Buy It Now under attribute.

Buy Now currently had a pair of Vince Camuto Ankle Boots for $15.99 (originally $71.86 at QVC).

Another good deal were these Black Glitter Toms priced at $7.99 (originally $55.00 on Amazon)

One more of the many deals available were these Nike Dri Fit Shorts for just $4.49 (originally $22.50 at Macy’s).

Buy it now doesn’t just have clothing and shoes. Here’s a view of items such as jewelry, toys, glasses and camera lens’ that are available as well, and each of these were listed under $5.00!

Each item you view provides further information as you scroll down along with other materials. And once you’ve found your perfect item, you can safely make your payment through PayPal!

If you run into an item up for bid that you just can’t miss, you can create an account today. You can opt in to receive notifications on the status of your bids, when items have been shipped and more! is mobile friendly so be sure view the items up for grabs right now, before they’re gone.

Happy Thrifting!