Get In Where You Fit In? NOT!


As you surely remember, schools – especially high schools – are known for their cliques. During their pre-teen and teen years, kids are constantly exploring different facets of themselves trying on different personas to see what feels right. This back-to-school season, help your child find their niche without throwing your budget out the window by shopping at Goodwill® where you can find necessities for every interest.

Whether your child is artsy, sporty, a book worm, or a social butterfly, Goodwill has all the necessities to have a successful and productive school year.

For kids to really absorb the most from their school classes and activities, what they learn on campus should also be developed at home. Children are told during lessons that what they are learning is important. At home, it’s the parent’s task to help them realize WHY it’s important. Inspire students to find a love of learning by creating an exciting, educational home. If there’s any one aspect of personality that both teachers and parents can agree to encourage, no matter their student’s extracurricular interests, it’s a consideration of others. The best way to teach this is through leading by example. While shopping at Goodwill this back-to-school season, take a moment to mention to your impressionable young sponge that supporting this cause is a wonderful way to do give back because Goodwill helps people who are facing challenges to finding employment overcome their hardships to gain dignity and independence. If you make donating to and shopping at Goodwill a habit, your student – no matter what clique they fall into – will see your generosity as something to live up to and learn from.