Fall Looks

It’s time to stock up the closets with jackets, jeans, cardigans and long sleeves. There are plenty of selections at Goodwill to choose from to get photo-ready for the pumpkin patch, dress to impress at the holiday dinner or just to bear the weather.

Here is what we found at the Goodwill White Settlement Store:

Cool and Casual


For Men, this thick long sleeve gray and white button-down flannel by Goodfellow & Co. is priced at $4.49 (originally $24.99). These black Western Jeans by Frontier Classics were marked at just $8.99 (originally $49.00), talk about Vintage! All it needs is a light jacket and you’re ready for the bonfire.

Comfy in Cold Weather

Don’t let the campfire outshine you. We found a soft chic maroon button-down flannel with flared sleeves for $5.99 from Maurice’s (originally $34.00). To match, are some gray jersey leggings from Old Navy at $4.79 (originally $12.99). The 50% off color tag that week was purple, bringing the leggings down to $2.40! To further accessorize, is a black fringe scarf at $1.99.

So Much Style

An outfit is not complete without some shoes! Each pair was priced at just $7.99. These Tommy Hilfiger boots are originally $69.99 at Macy’s. The tan and brown Sperry shoes are originally $39.97 at Nordstrom.


At Goodwill, both created outfits came to a total of $39.84, yes shoes included! At regular retail price, the total would have been $230.94. This came to a total savings of $191.10, 83% off!

So, let the wind blow you into your local Goodwill store for some Fall looks on a budget!