Fall from Home

Feel home this Fall and Thanksgiving with decorations from Goodwill!

You are guaranteed to find the perfect items to fill your wall and your tables, both vintage and new!

These few items were all found at the Goodwill Hulen Store.

For the Wall

New: Priced at $5.99 (compared to handmade wreaths starting at $20 on Etsy), this Autumn straw wreath is the perfect fit for the door or even the walls!


Rare: Folk art pieces are not so common anymore. Goodwill stores have occasional handmade cloth, clay, wood, or metal pieces. These wooden, carved leaves and acorns priced at $1.99 (compared to $11.95 for hanging fall leaves on Amazon) are a steal!


Old: Other occasional pieces will have dates from the 80s or 90s marked on them. This welcome sign showed ’84 for $3.99 (compared to modern wooden pumpkins at Michael’s for $10.00). 36 years old and in great shape!


For the Table

New: The perfect small centerpiece with Fall flowers is this modern milk bottle vase priced at $2.99 (new vases alone start at $3.99). Another modern piece is the ceramic leaf by Tabletops Lifestyles priced at $2.99 (reselling for $20 online). It’s the perfect dish piece for the dinner table.

Rare: Another rare find are these frosted ceramic fruits priced at $3.99 for four pieces (a set of three alone sell for $26 on eBay)! The pear is also reselling for $20 online all by itself.

Old: This hand-blown glass vase caged in metal is a deal at only $3.99 (a similar small candleholder alone is selling for $30). It is another great centerpiece to use or even place the ceramic fruits in.


For the Shelf


Rare: Did you know ceramic gum holders were a thing? A very rare find is this set that includes a ceramic gum parker kitty figurine for $4.99. The cat alone is going for at least $20 considering these types of gum holders are collectibles. To make it even better, it came with a cute small ceramic trinket, cup, and plate.


Old: This cute and small wooden carved pilgrim and pumpkin trifold is $1.99 (once $4.99 at Hobby Lobby). It can sit perfectly on any small shelf.


Don’t miss out on the rest!

You will be sure to find many more deals and décor such as tablecloths, pillows, dish sets, and more for your home this season at any of our Goodwill Fort Worth locations.