Enjoyable Outdoors

By Veronica Sanchez

Ready for sports games, tailgate parties, fishing trips, hikes and little league games? No worries, Goodwill has got the clothes and accessories for all your outings.

We scored on some good brands at the Altamesa Goodwill.


Its game day.

These Rocawear Boat Shoes, for those long walks from the parking lot to field, are $7.99 (originally $32.00). To match, these Downtime Khaki Docker’s are priced at $7.49, (valued at $66.00) and are new, with tags! For those windy, chilly days, we found a gray and black two-tone Under Armour Jacket at $7.99 (originally 69.99). To complete this outfit, is a Coach Dad T-shirt from Baseballism priced at just $1.79 (originally $29.95). In total, this Goodwill outfit came to just $25.26. Lower than the retail price of the shoes alone!


The little one is ready to cast a line.

Here we found fishing shorts with countless pockets by Magellan Outdoors at $4.29 (originally 14.99). His favorite baseball team, a white Texas Rangers Shirt priced at just $1.99, (originally $23.99). But it’s a blue tag, which happened to be the color of the week, making it half off at just $1.00!  Lastly, some quick-dry Circo Sandals at $2.99 (originally 17.99). Oh, don’t forget the waterproof Bucket Hat of his favorite hero for just $1.99, (originally $11.00). This compete outfit came to $10.06 at Goodwill, lower than the original retail price of the bucket hat.


Accessorize for your trips.

Stay hydrated with the Coleman Blue Jug, priced at $1.99, (originally $7.99). These two red Lawn chairs were priced at just $5.49 each! The red Tailgate Chair with bag on the left is originally $9.99. To the right, The VMI folding chair with a Cupholder is originally $19.99. At a total of $12.97, you’ll have seats and a bottle for any outing.

You can’t compete with these deals. Stop by your nearest Goodwill to stock up early and get equipped for the enjoyable outdoors!