Easter Fit Finds

Easter is just a few days away, so it is time to get the little ones Sunday ready with nice affordable outfits and accessories from Goodwill.

With a quick hunt at the Goodwill Weatherford Store, here are a few deals and options found throughout the entire store.

Spring Dress

This American Girl Beforever pink dress with white polka dots is priced for $3.59 (selling for $26.00 on the American Girl website).

Did you know Goodwill sells new items? In the new goods section, we found this pack of six gold hair clips for only .59 cents! This outfit came to $4.18 at Goodwill! All it needs are some dress shoes to match.

Easter Sunday

For the boys, I found a dressy but comfortable Easter Sunday outfit.

The Chap’s plaid top is listed for $3.29 (currently resells on Poshmark for $20.00).

Dress pants can get pretty pricey, but not at Goodwill.

To match, these Navy Blue pants from Land’s End are priced at $3.79 (sell for $39.95 on their website).

To complete this outfit, the Gray Sperry’s are priced at just $5.49 but sell for $34.99 on Shoe Carnival. Comfy and priced right to run around for the egg-hunt.

In total, this outfit came to $12.57 at Goodwill!

The Dress Hop

Another Easter day dress is a rare one we found by Matilda Jane with butterflies and florals for only $3.59! Since this brand has limited types of dresses (in this case, 1 of 5 of this particular dress), similar ones by this brand resell starting at $25.00.

These Paw Patrol figure crayons make a nice Easter basket gift item for only .69 cents! These two items come to $4.28, leaving plenty of the Easter budget for more golden eggs.

Easter Baskets

No need to worry if store shelves are empty of Easter baskets, there are plenty of them available at Goodwill! From cute small felt ones to large sturdy wickers, all of these baskets range from $1.99-$3.99! The kids can officially be egg hunt-ready!

These are not the only great Easter items available in our stores, but you can also find great deals on Easter home decorations, platters, basket prizes, and more!

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