E-Squared Sees Success

By Kristen Williams

It is quite an exciting time to be a part of the E2 Program here at Goodwill! As a program that brings in students ages 16-24 who are looking to achieve both their High School equivalency and work experience simultaneously, we are THRILLED to announce that we have had several students graduate over the last several weeks!

Our students work incredibly hard in the classroom and on their worksites, giving them the best opportunity to get their lives headed in a positive and profitable direction. When our students graduate, there is a possibility for them to continue to work here at Goodwill in their departments for our 12-week Work Experience Program. One of our recently graduated students, Amanda Logan, has been approved to continue her work with the S.T.A.R.S. program and will be working full time as she begins her academic pursuits in counseling and forensic anthropology.

In the E2 program, our students have opportunities to obtain several different types of certifications and trainings, which they can take with them even after they graduate, such as a forklift certification and digital skills training. Bryan Oxford, who got his forklift certification while in the E2 Program, just graduated and will be moving on to full-time employment with McClane Foods as a forklift driver in their warehouse.

There are also students who wish to move on from the E2 Program, once graduated, to enroll in trade schools or programs to further diversify their skillsets, making them more hirable. Israel Cummins is one such student, who recently enrolled in a welding program so that he can pursue a career in welding and construction.

Here in the E2 Program, we recognize that earning a High School Equivalency is only the first step of our students’ journey, so we strive to ensure that not only do they receive their diplomas but that they have clear guidance for taking their next steps forward.

It is truly an exciting time for us in the E2 Program and we are always waiting with great anticipation as newly enrolled students begin their way, and for our current students as they find success and achieve their goals. We’re proud that our graduating students see the future much brighter than they could have ever imagined.