Dominic Rodriguez: An E-Squared Success Story

Dominic Rodriguez faced his share of struggles growing up. The stress that came from living in an unsafe household made it difficult for him to focus on things he enjoyed, including his schoolwork and football. Even when things improved at home it felt like something was holding him back.

When Dominic was in 11th grade he was diagnosed with coarctation of the aorta, a heart condition that reduces blood flow to the body and can lead to greater complications later in life. After being treated, Dominic returned to school but transferred two months later to an online program due to the increased anxiety he felt that kept him from learning. Dominic felt that this program didn’t work for him either and struggled to complete the math courses on his own. He knew that he needed another option.

After learning about Goodwill Fort Worth’s E-Squared program and speaking with Cynthia George, a Youth Specialist at the Arlington Facility, Dominic made the easy decision to enroll in December 2019. Dominic found his confidence through the E-Squared program and was determined more than ever to earn his high school equivalency.

In just three short months, Dominic passed all five of the required tests and earned his high school equivalency this March. When asked what he thought about his time in E-Squared Dominic stated, “I am very thankful for Goodwill and Workforce Solutions for giving me a path to success, treating me with respect and helping me achieve my dreams and goals.” He is currently completing a 12-week work experience with Goodwill and then plans to pursue a career in law enforcement with the Fort Worth Sherriff’s Department. His ultimate goal is to pursue law enforcement and to one day become a sheriff.