Derrick Perry: Success Story

In early April 2020, Derrick Perry found himself a resident of the Fort Worth Transitional Center’s (FWTC) halfway house, recently released from incarceration, just as COVID-19 shut down the city. Derrick already knew that finding employment and a place to live wouldn’t be easy due to his felony background, but beginning his job search in the midst of a pandemic, without access to a computer for online job searching, and competing with thousands of people who had been laid off created an even greater barrier to finding meaningful employment.

But, Derrick was on a mission to succeed and turn his life around for the better. On April 23, 2020, with the help of his case manager at FWTC who allowed him to use a computer, he enrolled virtually into the Goodwill Works program. During his first few days in the program, Derrick completed a virtual job readiness training and prepared his resume through a partnership Goodwill has with Indeed. He’d hoped to utilize prior job experience as a Class A CDL driver and diesel mechanic but knew he might have to start at the bottom and work his way back up.

Derrick’s determination paid off – within his first week in the program, he received an interview offer with Clean Slate. During the interview, the hiring manager with Clean Slate was so impressed with Derrick and his skillset that they offered him a full-time position on-the-spot in one of their highest paying positions, with the opportunity to work his way up to one of their CDL positions. Derrick began working on May 1, 2020, only one week after enrolling in the Goodwill Works program.

Today, Derrick is still working with Clean Slate and loves what he is doing. He continues to stay in contact with Goodwill and keep us updated on his progress. Derrick stated, “I am thankful for Goodwill and the help given, and for being the support system I needed.”