Amanda Reneau

Amanda Reneau, Goodwill 2014 Team Member of the Year, is the type of person other people look forward to seeing at work. She doesn’t work for a paycheck, but because she cares about the people


Gina Casteal

Gina Casteal is a single mother of four with a GED and a criminal record. Because of these three barriers to employment, when the bank foreclosed on her house, Gina and her children became homeless.


Paul Esparza

Before his stroke, Paul Esparza was a successful business owner, husband, and father of two. His wife described him as being constantly on the move and often stressed. Then five years ago, Paul suffered a


Rubi Najera

Rubi was born with only half of her left arm. Because Rubi was born missing part of her limb, she learned to perform most daily living activities as a child, but the only work she


Jerry Gregory

Watch Jerry Gregory, a 52-year employee of Goodwill Industries of Fort Worth, tell his own story about how Goodwill impacted his life. *Jerry Gregory retired from Goodwill Fort Worth on March 2, 2014 after 54