3 Ways to Spread the Holiday Cheer

When it comes to holiday cheer, the people around us will vary from one end of the spectrum (i.e. Buddy the elf) to the other (the Grinch before he discovers the real meaning of Christmas).


DIY-n It Up! Transform your Dinner Table from Drab to Fab!

As the Holiday season approaches, many of us are scrambling around prepping our home to be guest-ready. While putting up the tree, hanging Christmas lights, and setting doorway entrances are important, we tend to pay less

Beyond Election 2016: Opportunities for Advocacy Success

This is written by contributing writer Senior Director of Government Affairs for Goodwill Industries International, Laura Walling.  Regardless of the outcome, this year’s election was hard on our country. There are a number of unknowns concerning


Voting as an Advantage for Individuals and Non-Profits

Voter engagement is also critical to the work conducted by nonprofits like Goodwill®.  In a year when Congress has had low-approval ratings and both leading candidates for President are extremely unpopular, it might be easy


Need a Halloween Costume, Head to a Thrift Store!

The following article is by writer Leah Ingram for Parade Magazine.  By LEAH INGRAM When it comes to this year’s Halloween budget, how much do you think you’ll spend celebrating? According to the National Retail Federation,