Trust in yourself

People celebrate Easter for a few reasons but there is usually one message behind it. To have faith and to keep pushing, to believe what you cannot see. We can take those messages and apply

12 Ways You Can Help Your Community While Cleaning and Shopping This Spring

As the weather warms and flowers bloom, thoughts turn to exchanging the drabness and darkness of winter for the bright freshness of spring. The annual ritual of spring cleaning has deep roots associated with various

Adapting to Change

There comes a time in every person’s life where they are able to make choices. When you can decide what to wear, what to eat and even where to go. Then comes choices of living, jobs,

Looking Good For Less

Style is not about how much money you spend but how much effort you put into making your personality shine. Going outside the box and matching unorthodox colors, taking a little bit of old plus

Half full

Every time the sky is gray, there is always some peak of light. Always a small sight of the sun nearby that gives everyone hope for a brighter day. This hope is what fuels some