2 Ways to Honor Earth Day Tomorrow!

If you follow us on Facebook you’d know that we’re gearing up for Earth Day! To reduce the use of plastic and harmful chemicals, we’re giving away eco-friendly bags to the first 20 customers who

Meet Our Project 2017 Goodwill Designers!

Like time, fashion is ever-changing. It doesn’t stop for anyone and demands attention when needed. We are pleased to announce the designers for Project Goodwill 2017. Each designer has been challenged to create a blue

Making the Most of Your Easter with Goodwill!

With all of the crazy weather happening lately, it’s nice to finally dry off, thaw and gear up for spring. Luckily for you, we’ve been hard at work making Goodwill your Easter Headquarters! Whether it’s

3 Ways to Support World Autism Awareness Day

As we close out the month, let’s look forward to the exciting things happening in April! A great way to kick off the month is by participating in World Autism Awareness Day on April 2nd.


Getting the Most Out of Your 2017 Taxes

While tax time can be stressful for many of us, it is also a great opportunity to get money back and boost your finances. With tax day approaching (it’s April 18th this year), it seems