Denim in Distress!

New York Fashion Week has officially come to a close, which means we have plenty of inspiration to look forward too! One of our favorites looks is the embellished jacket as seen on major Fashion


Dinner Parties on a Budget!

It’s the unofficial end of summer, a reminder for us to know that it’s time to hang up the tank tops and flip flops (unless, however, you live in a hot state) and start pulling out the

Get In Where You Fit In? NOT!

As you surely remember, schools – especially high schools – are known for their cliques. During their pre-teen and teen years, kids are constantly exploring different facets of themselves trying on different personas to see


Go For The Gold!

  When I hear those first big booms of the Olympic theme song, my heart rate always quickens and I swell with national pride. I’m reminded of the sense of community that prevails whenever we


The two best G’s: Gilmore and Goodwill

With the Gilmore Girls revival expected before the end of this year, I can’t help but head back to Stars Hollow with a little weekend binge watching. Although it originally aired 16 years ago, something