Meet Carlos!

Carlos Diaz had completed all of his course work and was set to graduate high school in the Spring of 2015.  While in high school, Carlos had acquired training to become a cook, and decided


Denim in Distress!

New York Fashion Week has officially come to a close, which means we have plenty of inspiration to look forward too! One of our favorites looks is the embellished jacket as seen on major Fashion


Dinner Parties on a Budget!

It’s the unofficial end of summer, a reminder for us to know that it’s time to hang up the tank tops and flip flops (unless, however, you live in a hot state) and start pulling out the

Get In Where You Fit In? NOT!

As you surely remember, schools – especially high schools – are known for their cliques. During their pre-teen and teen years, kids are constantly exploring different facets of themselves trying on different personas to see


Go For The Gold!

  When I hear those first big booms of the Olympic theme song, my heart rate always quickens and I swell with national pride. I’m reminded of the sense of community that prevails whenever we