Education + Employment = Success: Chris Cantrell

In 2018, Chris Cantrell was a 17-year-old self-described “hard kid to deal with” when his probation officer recommended he consider the E2 Program to get his GED and a paycheck at the same time. Chris

A Youth Program Success Story: Jared Harris

Jared Harris is a student at White Settlement ISD’s Center for Transition Services and is currently part of a program called PRIDE – Preparing for Responsibility and Independence in the Daily Environment. Jared has an

Last Minute Crafts

There’s nothing better than giving or receiving personalized gifts. If you feel like your box of chocolates or flowers are not up to par for Valentine’s Day, no worries, we’ll save you. Crafting has never

Goodwill Date Night Challenge

The Goodwill Date Night Challenge consists of couples who head out to their nearest Goodwill and find an outfit for each other (or themselves) to wear, but there’s a catch. Each person has only $10

Need to finish high school? We can help!

Are you or someone you know age 16-24 and looking to get their GED and a paycheck at the same time? If so, the E² program might be the solution! Check out this success story