Ballin’ on a budget: Halloween Edition

Nowadays we’re all about making a dollar stretch by getting the most bang out of our buck. That’s why the famous dollar menu is so relevant.

There are other ways to keep that extra dime in your pocket, like repurposing old items or adding a new flare to old clothes.

Since the Headless Horsemen is due to arrive soon we know that costumes can become pretty expensive and the bedsheet with cut out eye holes won’t cut it anymore.

That’s why Goodwill Fort Worth created its own BOO-tique, to give shoppers the great quality and price they deserve. The BOO-tique is split up into sections to help you put together costumes, props and more – all at shockingly low prices!

We recently invited a few customers to come out and shop on our dime to show everyone how inexpensive it really can be.

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