Antoinette Mosley: A Goodwill Success Story

Antoinette Mosley felt limited in career opportunities her entire life. She was unable to complete high school and obtain a diploma that would have helped her to succeed in the general workforce. She felt limited to job opportunities that were simple and low paying, without any upward mobility.

Her self-esteem was impacted, which affected her chances to expand into a career that she would find rewarding and provide opportunities for greater income. Antoinette had access to only one vehicle that her entire family shared, which limited her ability to go to the areas with new job opportunities.

Prior to finding Goodwill, Antoinette had been working at Medical City Weatherford as a housekeeper averaging 80 hours per week for $9 an hour, allowing her to barely pay her bills. She strongly desired a better job with more earning capacity, but without a vehicle, experience or a diploma she continued to work hard in housekeeping.


Antoinette became aware of Goodwill Weatherford and spoke with one of the North Texas Institute for Career Development recruiters about the virtual NTI Medical Front Office certification program. As she gathered more information and her excitement grew and she felt confident to pursue a medical career pathway. She qualified for a Self Sufficiency Fund grant which provides funding to qualified persons for short-term training in high demand occupations. When she enrolled, she completed the first credential Medical Front Office Assistant within one week and then moved on to the Medical Billing & Coding program class which she completed in only three weeks. She worked with a Business Developer using the Goodwill/Indeed partnership landing page to build a resume and within just a couple of days she had lined up several job interviews.

Antoinette was hired by Texas Health Resources with the assistance of one of our Business Developers. She accepted the second shift at $14 per hour, a significant increase in pay, working 40 hours a week with the option to work overtime. She has been a great example to her 17-year-old son who recently dropped out of high school. She is now encouraging her son to go to Goodwill to complete his GED.

This project was funded in part by SSF.