Andrea Adcock – A Goodwill Works Success Story

Andrea Adcock was introduced to Goodwill Works, a program designed to help individuals who are experiencing homelessness and unemployment, in December 2019 to gain assistance with finding employment. When Andrea came to Goodwill, she was eager to change her life for the better, and knew that she would need the assistance due to the barriers she was experiencing, including hand mobility issues which limited her ability to type and write. However, Andrea was not going to let this stop her.

Determined to provide for herself and her young son, Andrea came in committed and dedicated, doing everything that Goodwill staff asked of her and more. Because of her tenacious spirit, Andrea believed she had no limit and would do whatever necessary to find employment. Through several scheduled meetings with Goodwill staff, they were able to help her with job leads, including assistance with filling out several applications despite her hand injuries. Andrea maintained regular contact not only with Goodwill staff, but regularly followed up with employers to show her dedication to finding steady employment.

In January 2020, Andrea’s hard work paid off and she found employment! As of today, Andrea has been happily employed with Kroger for nearly 90 days, and states that she is continuing to grow and develop as a professional every day. Andrea continues to maintain contact with Goodwill staff, and says that she knows she will always have support from Goodwill. “Goodwill has been great. The team was very patient with me. You were my hands due to my physical restrictions and sat with me in the computer lab so patiently filling out applications and helping…. I appreciate Goodwill for all the help. ”