America Recycles Day

Goodwill recycles on America Recycles Day, and every day! Or as we like to say, Goodwill was green before green was cool!

Did you know that 665,506 donors brought more than 52 million pounds of items to Goodwill Fort Worth donation centers in 2019? Ever wonder what we do with all that stuff?

Goodwill Fort Worth strives to be good stewards of all that we are given to ensure the best future for our clients, our community, our organization, and of course, our planet. We are proud to be a leader in sustainability and one of the largest recyclers in North Texas.

Of the millions of pounds donated to us last year, we’re proud to have diverted 89% of those items from reaching the landfill. We were able to sell 33,129,865 pounds in our retail stores, GW Boutique, Outlet store and even online! And, another 12,339,960 pounds were diverted from the landfill through our recycling efforts and partnerships with organizations such as Service Waste, as well as local colleges and universities to execute large-scale recycling projects. With all of these efforts, along with future plans, we are on track to reach our goal of becoming a Zero Waste facility.

We’re proud to offer our donors a convenient, eco-friendly way to dispose of outdated or damaged goods and even computer equipment. Hard drives are safely decommissioned or destroyed in accordance with the Department of Defense standards.

So, as we approach America Recycles Day, make plans to help us Redesign, Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle by donating your unwanted items at any of our area donation centers!

And remember, your donations change lives through the Power of Work!