From the beginning, Goodwill’s mission has promoted job creation for the disenfranchised. Founded by Methodist Minister Edgar J. Helms in 1902, Goodwill gave people with disabilities and other social barriers the opportunity to find meaningful work. Goodwill allowed the disadvantaged to earn a wage by repairing and repurposing discarded household items and then selling them back to the community at affordable prices.

Following that model, Goodwill Industries of Fort Worth was founded in 1949. By giving underserved people in Tarrant County and surrounding areas the job training they need to achieve maximum independence, Goodwill is a hand up, not a hand out.

Goodwill is more than a thrift store. Sure, it’s the best place to discover unique items to build your personal style and a trove of brand name, low-cost merchandise. But our retail locations fund a much bigger mission – our business is about changing lives. As a not-for-profit leader, Goodwill offers job training and other services to help people with disabilities and disadvantages acheive their maximum independence. Through Goodwill, job seekers, individuals with special needs, families, and other members of our community gain self esteem and become independent, self-sufficient citizens. Lives are changed through the Power of Work.

Mission Statement: The mission of Goodwill Industries of Fort Worth is to empower people with disabilities, disadvantages, and other barriers to employment so that they may achieve maximum independence.

Some things you should know about Goodwill:

  • 90% of all money earned by Goodwill Industries of Fort Worth goes into programs and services.
  • Goodwill Industries is the largest employer of people with disabilities in the world.
  • Goodwill Industries Services strives to maintain an employment ratio of 80% workers with disabilities.
  • 71% of Goodwill Fort Worth’s $43 million revenue is generated through contributions and sales through our retail stores.

Our Strategic Plan: