A S.T.A.R is Born!


Hey Goodwill Family! We just conquered another week which means it’s time to celebrate! We’ve all had those weeks that takes our all out of us and leave us beaten down or just wanting to take a long nap! But when you look back and see all that you’ve done; whether it was finishing a DIY project, swamped with different assignments at work, or finding balance of work, life, and so on. For us here at Goodwill, we’ve came over a huge milestone as well. Our STARS facility officially opened yesterday and we were more than happy to share with everyone! Our S.T.A.R.S facility is catered to disable adults which will be able to learn different skills like cooking, playing instruments, and being involved with different recreational activities. Notable guests included were Tarrant County Commissioner Roy Charles Brooks and Fort Worth City Council Members Ann Zedah and Kelly Allen Gray!

It was a day filled with accomplishments, achievements, and most importantly love. Our STARS participants are now able to be in a place where they can express their creativity or just chill and relax with a good movie. Along with the opening four facility, we also opened our STARS General Store which is catered to the participants based off of a point system. Each week, the participants are able to earn up to 25 points so they can be able to ‘buy’ various items like designer purses, house wares, sports jerseys, etc.

On top of the wide variety of skills and experiences participants will be introduced to at Goodwill’s STARS program, participants will also have the opportunity to interact with the local community through group outings where they can apply some of the skills they have learned through STARS in real world situations.

Whether you are looking for an all day program or certain aspects of a program, STARS will bring in a new kind of education, leisure, and engagement. By engaging each participant in an interactive environment, STARS introduces a new, fascinating world where participants can reach their full potential and discover the possibilities.