A Hero Among Us

Goodwill Fort Worth’s VP Safety & Loss Prevention Jeff Lattimer, VP GSS & S.T.A.R.S. Kimberly Smith, S.T.A.R.S. Program Manager Mike Jones and President & CEO David Cox

By Jeff Lattimer

On Wednesday, July 24, before an audience of his peers, Mike Jones received the Goodwill Industries of Fort Worth Medal of Integrity. This award recognizes an individual who has soared above and beyond in the areas of teamwork, communication, excellence, passion, service, empowerment and respect.

Mike is the manager of our S.T.A.R.S. program in Grapevine, and, as part of the training for his position, he has undergone extensive first aid training and learned how to react in times of crisis.

Mike never thought that a time would come outside work when he’d have to put these skills to use, but it did while he was on a family vacation this June.

While Mike and his family were traveling along Highway 90 in Biloxi, Miss. near the beach, their vehicle was side-by-side with a commercial tanker truck. Just as they were gaining speed, Mike witnessed a man in the roadway that appeared to have intentionally stepped in front of the tanker truck and was run over.

Upon seeing what happened, Mike immediately pulled over. Knowing the potential for serious injury, he asked his wife to call 911, grabbed a towel and rushed to the man lying in the road. He found him barely alive and suffering major head trauma, along with other injuries. The only thing Mike could do was to hold the man’s head together in the towel and wait for emergency services to arrive.

When EMS and police arrived, Mike was relieved of involvement and paramedics took over. By the time he was finished being interviewed by law enforcement, the man had been airlifted to an area hospital.

Due to Mike’s quick reaction and first aid assistance, the man is alive today with only a broken back and superficial wounds that will heal with time.

Thank you, Mike, for making your Goodwill Fort Worth family proud and showing extraordinary heroism and integrity in your daily life.