A Goodwill Gathering

A lot is happening around this time of year – dinners, gifts, decorations and celebrations. No matter what the holidays bring, don’t let it ruin your budget! We stopped at the Goodwill store in Weatherford  to showcase the variety of home goods Goodwill has to offer, from the kitchen table down to the decorations to make it festive!

Dinner Table

Standing out on the furniture floor was a heavy wooden table with a carved rope edge and four chairs for $99.99 (compared to a similar round dining table with four chairs on Furniture Row for $664). This table was sold in the midst of making of this setup and the buyer used her senior discount on a Tuesday, taking it home for just $74.99!

Fabric Cover

Out of many colorful table covers that were available, we stuck with a thick white woven tablecloth with thin silver and gold metallic stripes for $4.59 (originally $16.69 from Overstock). Perfect for use leading up to Christmas.

Vibrant Plates

For dishware, these single plates were just $.89 each! Perfect for a pop of fall colors. From left to right, the green Daniel Cremieux green plate is original $13.99 each, a yellow round plate from Home Trends is originally $11.99 each, the orange Thomson Kenya dinner plate is originally $7.99 each and the dark red Threshold Zada plate is originally $4.99 each.

Stainless Steel Silverware

A bag full of Mainstay black plastic flatware was priced at only $2.99 (originally $9.96 for a set at Walmart) leaving more than enough for our setup.

Cloth Dinner Napkins

Placed underneath are some layered cloth napkins, A set of four forest green damask napkins came to $3.98 (originally $19.99 at Target) and a set of four bronze napkins were priced at $3.98 as well (originally $9.99 at Bed Bath & Beyond).

Gold Rimmed Wine Glasses

We can’t forget the drinks! The four gold band wine glasses from Artland are priced at $.89 each piece (originally $35.50 for a set of four at Hay Needle).

Fall Decor

The few more things this table needed were some decorations. The two large fall-themed salt and pepper shakers from CIC were $2.99 for the set (originally $10.99 for the pair online). To the right are a 4-inch and 6-inch layered candle priced at $1.99 each (originally $4.99 for the 4 in. and $6.49 for the 6 in. at Hobby Lobby). Placed in the center is a vase with maroon and gold flowers with berries at $5.49 (compared to a handmade silk flower wicker vase by itself for $7.12 on Amazon). Lastly, to the right is a cornucopia at $1.99 (originally $9.19 at Factory Direct). To place inside, we found a bag of leaves and mini pumpkins at $2.99 (for comparison an 18-piece mini pumpkin assortment and 200 pcs bag of leaves online were priced at $7.99 each).

Vintage Pie Display

What’s Thanksgiving without dessert? This vintage ceramic apple pie covered serving dish was $4.99 (compared to $29.99 online).

Complete Dinner Table

All these little details led to this festive display! You can also layer your plates, add some vines to the center or add a table runner to make this look your own – arrangement possibilities are endless! At Goodwill (with the table and four chairs) our total came to $145.08!

If all these decor items were bought by the senior customer who purchased the table that Tuesday, her total after discount would have been only $108.81.

If all pieces were bought online and at traditional retail stores at their original price, the total would have been $879.84. That’s a savings of more than $700!

If your home needs a little charm, try stopping by your nearest Fort Worth Goodwill today. You never know what you will find!